Your Partners in Submission

Author Photos 243 (640x521)Heather Ayris Burnell loves writing picture books.  She also adores writing query letters. Yes, she realizes this is not normal. Heather tries to focus on picture books but sometimes wanders off into middle grade, young adult, and even adult land. (Yes, she knows that adult land is not a real place.) Her picture book, KICK! JUMP! CHOP! THE ADVENTURES OF THE NINJABREAD MAN releases from Sterling Publishing in Fall 2017. Her picture book, BEDTIME MONSTER, is published by Raven Tree Press. She is represented by Sean McCarthy Literary Agency.

Heather does manage to do some other things besides write. She’s a mom of three, an assistant librarian at North Central Regional Library, and a social media manager. She also runs a farm with her husband where they grow organic seed garlic for their company, Great Northern Garlic.

You can usually find Heather fooling around on Twitter. She’s also on Facebook and every once in a while she stops by Pinterest where her favorite board is Picture Books with Volkswagens. Her blog, Frolicking through Cyberspace, is the home of the Monster List of Picture Book Agents.

Dana Carey used to work up in the attic but when she and her family moved, there was no attic so she settled in the dining room. She looks out the windows and keeps track of the seagulls and murmurations of starlings that occasionally surprise her. When the birds don’t need watching, Dana writes and illustrates picture books. Some of these stories are nesting in drawers in the dining room but with the help of Sub It Club, she’s hoping they will take wing and go out into the world.

Dana was a graphic designer in New York City, then Paris before changing career paths. She taught English at L’École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles (which is long for ‘Architecture School’) and l’Académie Charpentier in Paris (which is an art school) before moving to western France in a town with lots of seagulls. She teaches English to adults. She reads middle grade and young adult novels in English and writes reports in French about them for a French publisher. She helps organize kidlit events as the Assistant Regional Advisor of SCWBI France.

Catch up with Dana at her anachronistically-entitled blog, Up in the Attic Lately or on twitter and facebook.

Amy Diamy dixonxon grew up as one of seven siblings, so the only peace and quiet she ever got was inside a book. Once she had her own kids, she rediscovered her love for picture books at the public library. It was the one place she knew all four of her kids would be happy . . . and quiet.

Her picture books, MARATHON MOUSE and SOPHIE’S ANIMAL PARADE are published by Sky Pony Press. Her book MAURICE THE UNBEASTLY is scheduled to be released by Sterling Publishing in Fall 2017. She writes from her home in California, where she lives with her four little inspirations and her marathon-running husband, Rob.

You can learn more about Amy on her blog, A Million Words, on facebook at Amy Dixon – Children’s Author, and you can find her on Twitter @dixonamy12