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Who Do I Address My Query Letter To?

Submission guidelines can sometimes be vague, especially those at publishing houses it seems. You may find their guidelines to simply say something like: send your manuscript or proposal to Okay, so at least you know the address where you … Continue reading

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Submissions 101 – Query Letter Bio

When you’re querying fiction it really is all about the manuscript. If it’s great then a good bio is just icing on the cake. Sure it can be hard to talk about yourself, but it’s a good idea to let … Continue reading

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Submissions 101 – Personalizing Your Query Letter

Personalizing your query letter can be hard. Do you have to? Well, I’ve seen agents who are pretty adamant that they want to know why you’re sending your manuscript to them. They want more of a reason than “I am … Continue reading

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Submissions 101 – Finding Comparable Books

Although not mandatory, it can be helpful to put published titles that compare well with your manuscript into your query. Being able to give comparable titles can help the reader of your query imagine where your book might fit into … Continue reading

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Submissions 101 – Should I Submit to Publishers?

There are many, many great reasons you should submit your work to agents, but let’s face it, not all work is right for an agent. Or maybe you have exhausted your agent search and still believe in your manuscript. There are … Continue reading

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Submissions 101 – Should I Submit to Agents?

When you’ve got a manuscript that’s ready to be sent out for consideration the first thing you need to decide is whether you’re going to submit it to agents to try to obtain representation or if you are going to … Continue reading

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Submissions 101 – Research

You’re ready to submit your work. Hooray! This should be quick. Ha ha! Submitting your work can take a lot longer than you think it should. It’s a big job whether you’re a writer of children’s literature or novels for … Continue reading

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